CSM Moto Factory Co.,ltd. engaged in the development and manufacture of motorcycles for children from 4 years of hobby and professional racing use. The company follows a long tradition of development and manufacturing of motorcycles Kollath family, father and sons who have started this tradition in 1992, development and design of chasis parts and motorcycle frames. Our motorcycles are manufactured and assembled from the finest materials using components that we purchase from world renowned manufacturers of components for the motorcycles coming mainly from Italy.

Sophisticated design

Predatory design of our motorcycles recalls the big cross motorcycles. The main idea of our designers, was that our minicross look like big motorcycles for adults, not like classic children motorcycle, so as we traditionally know.

We brought modern design to body shapes but afterwards we remembered that must have a practical, efficient and timeless design. Motorcycle lines are has a sports spirit with a predatory look.

Safety driving

On safety of the rider is placed maximum emphasis. Our construction emphasizes also on good egronomi. All parts of the motorcycle have been developed to avoid a collision injury. We supplied as standard high quality handlebar protector in two versions – with rail or without.

The bike is marked with all necessary warnings, so that it is preserved awareness about driving safety.

Manual provides a detailed description how to prepare the bike for a ride and handled as.

Rider should be appropriately dressed and armed security features like helmet, gloves, boots, protectors, goggles and appropriate clothing. All these elements are essential when riding on our motorcycle because our bike is sports equipment.

High technology

Our motorcycle consists of the best European parts.

In developing the design shall be taken into account ergonomics of the motorcycle, driveability. Regarding the seat design we made it special for the driver, may be better to move and balance the bike while riding.

Therefore, we extended wheelbase and increased the stability of the motorcycle and effective use of traction engine power.

To improve the quality of the chassis and driving characteristics, we have made these changes:

CSM Factory s.r.o. focuses its activities on the development and the production of motorcycles for children from 4 years. Our motorcycles are intended for both the professional and hobby use.

CSM Factory s.r.o adheres to and builds on the long tradition of the motorcycle development and manufacturing established by Kollath family in 1992. A noteworthy fact is that since the very beginning, Mr. Kollath and sons have specialised in designing of motorbike frames and chassis components.

We would like to highlight the fact, that our motorcycles are assembled using only the highest quality materials and components which come from world renowned, especially Italian, manufacturers.